Rallies and demonstrations

The CSP has worked with other health unions and the TUC over the past few years to protect the NHS and fight austerity cuts.

18 June cost of living demonstration

The CSP demands better. National march and rally 18 June 2022

The CSP joined with trade unions from across the country for a national march and rally to demand action on the cost of living.

Demos across the country call for fair pay for NHS physios

Pay campaign 2021

CSP members across the country campaign and rally to call for the government to give NHS staff a fair pay rise. Read more about the pay deal for your country.



TUC rally for a new deal for working people and a better funded NHS: 12 May 2018

CSP members, partners, children and staff joined thousands of other health trade unionists marching through London on 12 May.

Jill Taylor, chair of the CSP's previous industrial relations committee, spoke from the main stage, pictured, about an overworked and under-resourced NHS. Not letting the rain dampen her spirits, her passion for the NHS and physiotherapy shone through.

Alongside Ms Taylor, physiotherapy staff came from London trusts and as far afield as the East Midlands, Norfolk, Manchester, Yorkshire and the north east.


Rally for catch up NHS pay rise: 17 October 2017

NHS physiotherapy staff joined other public sector workers at a rally on Tuesday in London’s Parliament Square to demand a catch-up pay rise.

The TUC coordinated rally followed a lobby of MPs earlier in the day that aimed to influence the government to deliver real terms increases after seven years in which pay has fallen behind the cost of living.

Speaking amid rapturous applause, the CSP’s Jill Taylor said: ‘We’re just trying to do our best for our patients, but it feels like we’re getting hammered from all sides, every day. Morale is the worst it has ever been. My pay doesn’t begin to cover all the unpaid overtime we put in.’


The CSP calls for investment in the NHS and other public services: 2 October 2016

CSP members from the Midlands and the North marched alongside CSP council chair Catherine Pope, director of employment relations and union services Claire Sullivan and industrial relations committee chair Jill Taylor.

See photos and a video of the event on Flickr.



CSP members defend workplace rights and protest about spending cuts: 4 October 2015

Physiotherapy staff joined other health workers in Manchester to defend workplace rights and protest about spending cuts.

Read more about the event in our news story Physiotherapy staff march arm in arm with other health professionals in huge trade union demo.

See the CSP's 4 October Flickr photo gallery  for more coverage of the event.


CSP members stand up for the NHS: 1 March 2015

Physio staff gathered earlier this year in Tredegar, the south Wales birthplace of the founder of the NHS Aneurin Bevan, to launch the latest chapter in a campaign to save the NHS.

Read more about the event in our news story First stop Tredegar as CSP members stand up for the NHS which also has a link to


Britain needs a pay rise: 18 October 2014

CSP members joined tens of thousands people in marches and rallies across Britain on Saturday 18 October 2014 to fight for fair pay.

Read what CSP industrial committee chair Jill Barker had to say about the action held in London further down this page.

And see the CSP's 18 October Flickr photo gallery to see more coverage of the day's events in London, Glasgow and Belfast.


Save our NHS: 29 September 2013

NHS physiotherapists joined as many as 50,000 demonstrators in the streets of Manchester in September 2013 in a 'Save our NHS' solidarity rally.

Read the Frontline article: CSP members join Manchester rally to 'Save our NHS' for further details


London anti-austerity rally: 13 March 2013

'Austerity is having an impact on communities right across Britain,' warned CSP director Lesley Mercer at the London rally held in March 2013 to promote 'A Future for Families, a Future that Works'.

See our event news story with video coverage of some rally speakers: Spread the anti-austerity message, CSP urges London rally.


A Future that works: 20 October 2012

Some 150,000 people attended the Future That Works march and rally in London on 20 October, with many more thousands joining the protests in Glasgow and Belfast.

Visit the CSP's 20 October photo gallery on Flickr to see more coverage of the event.

See our news story for coverage of the event: CSP members join thousands of marchers demanding 'a future that works'.

Save our NHS: 7 March 2012

March 2012: CSP member Jim Fahie was one of many people speaking out against the government's Health and Social Care Bill at a rally held in Westminster in March 2012.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, physiotherapist Vickie Yeardley, CSP chair Ann Green and Unison General Secretary Dave Pre

Vigil for the NHS: 7 September 2011

The CSP joined other health unions for a candlelit vigil to mark the moment the Health Bill passed from the Commons to the Lords on 7 September 2011. Candles were chosen as a symbol of hope for the future of NHS.

See our news story for coverage of the event: Health workers hold protest vigil as MPs vote.


Physio Jill Barker writes about why Britain needs a pay rise

What a turnout for fair pay with marches in Belfast, Glasgow and London. I was on the march in London, starting my journey on Friday night from the North East. It was an early start on Saturday as a number of central London tube stations were closed.

As chair of the CSP industrial relations committee I got to go to the front of the march, together with CSP employment relations director Claire Sullivan, to join the leadership of other unions.

While assembling on the Embankment by the Thames I was interviewed by the Daily Mirror, and the TUC shot a video of me explaining why I was marching. All very exciting, and a little bit daunting.

We were then sent to hold up the big numbers '175', representing how much fatter the average chief executive’s pay packet is than the average worker. A disgrace, in my eyes. At this point I was also, strangely enough, interviewed by Swedish TV.

Then we were off. It was amazing how much solidarity was shown by members of the public, who clapped and shouted their support.

We kept a good pace, fuelled by granola bars, and after marching through Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park for the main rally, we doubled back to march together with whole CSP contingent.

I was very proud, seeing the big CSP balloons and the raft of fluorescent pink and yellow CSP flags. The colours were a stroke of genius, standing out from the crowd and really getting us noticed.

You could really feel the CSP’s positive energy. We were carried along by our national organiser Jess Belmonte and senior negotiating officer Karen O’Dowd chanting through the megaphone. Karen Middleton, chair of council Sue Rees and vice chair Catherine Pope were among the throng.

It was also great to see Phil Gray, our previous CEO, carrying the CSP banner, and former employment relations director Lesley Mercer, who was there with her walkie talkie as one of hundreds of volunteers stewarding the march.

The CSP turnout was strong, including students as well as working and retired members. Some had travelled great distances to join in. The visual impact we made confirmed in my mind that, in the trade union arena, we continue to punch above our weight.

I also managed to get a photo with Russell Brand, who was marching to show solidarity with the 80,000-90,000 people who turned out.

Everyone who took part, in London, Glasgow or Belfast, along with their children, family and friends, should feel deeply proud of taking a stand to say: #Britainneedsapayrise!

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