New graduates

Our graduate hub brings together helpful tips, advice and resources to support you through the all-important first steps in your career in physiotherapy.

As your studying experience comes to an end, there are many exciting opportunities available to newly qualified physiotherapists, whether that’s working in the UK in healthcare, social care or the third sector, or doing the same overseas.

The world is your oyster but do you actually know where to start, what first steps you should take in your physiotherapy career and how to land your perfect first job?

We have your back at the CSP and are here to help you navigate your way, by collating all the information you need to know and the steps you need to take.

Next steps after graduation and your CSP membership

You’re about to complete your degree – now what?

We provide step-by-step guide on what you’ll need to do in order to practise as a physiotherapist in any capacity in the UK, and find out what happens to your student membership when you graduate.

Starting your physio career
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Career advice

A physiotherapy degree opens many doors across different sectors, which means you will have to decide which options are best for you and your career.

Read about the opportunities you have with your degree
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Job searching

You’ve got your degree, now to put what you’ve learnt into practise in your first physiotherapy post. But where do you start to find that first job?

Everything you need to find your first physiotherapy job
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Applying for jobs and interview preparation

You’ve found the job you’d like but how can you make your application stand out from the crowd? Learn how to prepare for the interviews.

Read our advice to help you get your first role
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Building experience and skills

Throughout your career, it is important that you carry on developing your skills and build your experience. As a CSP member, you have access to a range of tools and resources to help you develop professionally.

Access your CPD resources
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Courses and events

Get involved within the physiotherapy community in a number of events and conferences throughout the year.

Find a course or event near you
Courses and events

Responsibilities as a professional

Find out what is expected of you in your role.

See more about your responsibilities
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Workplace support

We’ve got your back at the CSP and are committed to representing our members, championing workplace right and improving the diversity, equality and inclusion in the physiotherapy profession.  

Find out about the support available
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Latest news

Read about how newly qualified members are making a difference in practice and hitting the headlines.

Read the latest graduate news and stories
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Helpful resources and links

Resources to help make the transition from your studies into the world of work as smooth as possible.

Take a look at the resources
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