Professional networks

Professional networks are groups recognised by the CSP as experts in an area of practice.

What are professional networks?

Learn about how our networks are recognised and how they operate. 

How networks operate
a group of physiotherapists in a meeting, one physio is showing the rest something on an ipad

Directory of professional networks

Find a professional network and explore their website for further information. 

Find a network
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Professional network funding

Read about the funding available to professional networks. 

How to apply for funding
Funding a Phd

Guidance and support

The CSP provides guidance to executive committees of professional networks to help support their members.

Understand what support is available
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CSP endorsement

Professional networks provide expert advice to the CSP about materials submitted for endorsement.

How endorsement works
Tick of endorsement

World Physiotherapy

CSP professional networks are members of international groups aiming to advance physiotherapy in their field.

Subgroups and areas of interest
Working globally

Equity, diversity and belonging

How to promote equity, diversity and belonging in the CSP's recognised professional networks. 

Reflect on your membership
Defining equity and equality