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Member webinars address the subjects that you have told us matter the most. They’re free for CSP members, so why not join us and contribute to the discussion or watch back at your own convenience?

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CSP members have access to this programme of exclusive webinars to help throughout their career. This series brings together members and panels of experts for discussions on a range of professional issues, to share learning and spread knowledge and best practice. 
Each event is free to attend and booking will open around four weeks beforehand. 

Dates/details are subject to change, but any changes will be kept to a minimum. 

CSP members can also access recordings of the events once logged into the site.

Upcoming webinars 2024

Information about upcoming webinars will be posted here in due course.

Past webinars and their recordings

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MARCH: Practice-based learning across the pillars of practice – an employer's perspective – 27 March 1-2pm

Introducing CSP/RCOT Practice-based Learning (PrBL) principles in the context of evolving practice and future workforce. Sharing impact (personal, professional, team, wider) and value of PrBL across the pillars from student and employer perspective. Considering how this can be applied to local context.

FEBRUARY: Getting started with technology to improve physiotherapy practice and patient experience

To demonstrate how technology can transform physiotherapy practice across public, private and the third sector. By the end of the webinar, participants will identify at least one area of their own practice where technology could improve patient experience. 

JANUARY 2024: Getting started with data collection to improve physiotherapy services

This session will outline the fundamental building blocks that will enable CSP members to define their services, monitor improvements and demonstrate impact. It aims to enable you to understand the right type of data to collect, and why and how to use that data to improve services and to influence more widely, e.g. with managers, commissioners.

OCTOBER 2023: Influencing your local workforce plan

A session aiming to increase the confidence of physiotherapy managers to influence workforce plans and be effective in expanding staffing levels.

You will learn about: 

  • Building a strong business case for staffing 
  • Tools and resources available to support you  
  • AHP establishment setting guidance and how it can help you  
  • Creating diversity in the workforce and the benefits it brings (and how to reflect this in workforce plans) 
  • Physiotherapy service managers’ experiences submitting successful plans

The webinar will feature an opportunity for questions and answers too. 

SEPTEMBER 2023: Getting started: Keeping up to date with the best evidence

Increase your confidence in finding and using the best evidence, sharing the most effective ways of accessing and using it. We will also showcase the new and improved range of benefits of the member-only CSP e-library resources

This webinar is for busy clinicians and students to find out more about different types of evidence and to discuss and share ideas about how to find the best evidence for their needs.

The format is a panel Q&A and discussion with plenty of opportunity for the audience to ask questions and interact.

There are tips and effective strategies for keeping up to date and demonstrating how the CSP e-library resources can help you. We will not be discussing formal research methodologies.

AUGUST 2023: Influencing pay in the independent sectors

This session is aimed at members employed within the independent and charitable sectors.  It will provide an overview of the factors that can affect pay in the independent sector, including external drivers such as the economic climate, recruitment and retention of the workforce and the impact of NHS pay.  

It will also look at how members may be able to influence their pay within this sector.

Webinar will include Claire Sullivan (director of employment relations at the CSP) and Elaine Sparkes (CSP assistant director of employment). 

A recording of the session will be on this page shortly.

JULY 2023: CSP policy and influencing: 10 key questions answered

  • What is policy?
  • Who decides policy?
  • What is policy for?
  • What context is policy work done in?
  • How does the CSP influence?
  • What is the CSP's approach to politics?
  • What is the CSP focussing policy and influencing on?
  • Who does the CSPs policy and influencing work?
  • How can members influence policy?
  • How can I find out more ?

JUNE 2023: Getting started: Having good conversations about work and health

This webinar will support CSP members working in all clinical areas at all levels to initiate effective conversations about health and work as part of a personalised care approach. Learn about the evidence surrounding work as an enabler for good health and, conversely, the link between work and wider health inequalities. We'll share the positive impact of using specific tools and resources to better understand work and health and how to apply them within the workplace.

MAY 2023: Getting started with population health to improve patient outcomes and physiotherapy practice

How can increasing your knowledge about health inequalities improve your practice and optimise the care that your patients receive? This webinar will support you to better understand health inequalities and how to take achievable steps to contribute to tackling health inequalities in practice. 

We will share how to review health inequalities for your locality and resources available. We will showcase examples of identifying health inequalities within services and actions taken to tackle them.

APRIL 2023: Rehabilitation transformation masterclass

This webinar outlines how you can prepare for transformation, using the community rehabilitation best practice standards as a backdrop. Hear from people who have experience of transforming services. How have they approached it and how would they approach the standards or similar guidance/initiatives/projects?

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